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Shivanasamudram and Somanathpur trip...

Last weekend we went to Shivanasamudram falls and Somanathpur temple for a day long trip. We started with just the Shivanasamudram falls in mind. There are two ways to reach Shivanasamudram from Bangalore.

1. Take Kanakpura road, its a National Highway (NH209) and goes all the way to Dindigul from Bangalore. I think its the shortest route to Coimbatore from Bangalore but the road is not good. Till Kanakapura it was good actually but after that renovation is going on and the road is in bad shape.

2. The other way is thru Bangalore-Mysore State highway (SH17) which is in fantastic condition. You will have to go all the way to Maddur and then take a left turn towards Mallavalli. The same road joins NH209 just 17km before Shivanasamudram.

Ignorant of the NH209's condition, we went that way. It came to around 120km till the first fall. There are two falls there, Gaganachukki and Barachukki. We first went to Gaganachukki.

Being a Christmas weekend, it was very crowded there -

There i…

Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 8

This one is for the moon. Like sun, moon wasn't spared either. But it seems moon decided to play naughty with me. Except for one or two, in all the other snaps it will either go left or right, up or down but will refuse to remain steady. Check it out yourself -

Finally it relented -

I got another ok one with auto mode -

Thanks for bearing with me for this one. Enjoy!


Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 7

I took a lot of sunset and sunrise photographs during the Mysore trip. We started from Bangalore at around 4pm so I tried my hand on sun set on the way. Here you go -

All of those were taken from the cab running at 110kmph. :-)


Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 6

Some miscellaneous view in and around the campus -

A lane -

Another ;-) -

Night view of a factory outside of Infy campus viewed from a food court -

That food court in Infy city -

The lawn in Infosys hostel area, this looks much better in thumb nail :-( -

Sop! Will post some more another time. Enjoy!


Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 5

The Global Education Center this time...

Far off view -

Closer now, too early in the morning, you see nobody in -

And now the night view -

Night view from a distance -

Thats it! More to follow...


Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 4

This time I will be covering the Sports and recreation related snaps from Infosys Mysore. Lets check up the swimming pool first.

Another view -

I am sure there are better ways to highlight the colours in the above photograph. Night view of the same pool -

This one is from the Basketball court -

That's about it. More later...


Photo Blog - Infosys Mysore 3

This post is going to cover the globe building.

Do you see a face in this photograph -

Now there are so many of them -

They look like sleeping in this one -

That's it for the globe building. C ya later!


Photo Blog - Infosys Mysore 2

Continuing from my previous blog about photos from my Infosys Mysore trip. This blog I will cover the origami building. We also call it shapeless building. Lets start with "good morning" again -

The origami building in pre-dawn light -

One view of the building -

Another -

Another, tried to capture the full building from at least one side -

And now the night view -

So we will have another subject in the next blog. Thanks for watching.


Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 1

I went to Infosys Mysore recently for some work. This time I took my camera with me. And every morning and evening, we used to go out for long walks and took lots of photographs. Good that I was accompanied with people who know about photography and they taught me how to use modes other than automatic in my Canon S2IS. I will be posting those photographs in the days to come. Lets start with the "good morning" photographs first -

Deserted Infosys road, dawn time -

This cloud formation looked interesting. Some kind of sign language, near the origami building -

The Sun rising from behind the Origami building (note that the chimney is not part of the Infy Campus) -

The Sun rises on ECC building -

And the basket ball court -

So how were these? More to come in later posts. Thanks for watching!


Infy by night...

Anita Bora posted some stunning photographs of Infosys (Electronic City Bangalore) at flickr. Check them out, they are just fundu! I am totally bowled over, though I work in this campus.


A photo blog...

I went to my native place recently. Moved around a lot of places there. Went to my Alma mater also. During the visit, I tried my S2IS a lot. So this blog is going to be a post of the photographs I clicked during the visit. You will find the same photographs at flickr also. Lets start with the photographs now -

1) Statistics department in BHU (Banaras Hindu University). We used to have our Mathematics and Statistics classes here. I studied Physics, Mathematics and Statistics in the first two years of my B.Sc.

2) Another one from Statistics Department

3) List of Profs at Physics Department, BHU. I did Physics (Hons) in the final year of my B.Sc.

4) Those from Physics dept will probably recognize this

5) From the Old Lecture Theatre in Physics

6) One of the notice boards in Physics Dept

7) Computer Center - met some teachers there as well.

8) Computer Center Labs - we used to have 80x86 computers with no harddisk, boot them using floppies and then work on the assembly programs using another flo…