Parental Betrayal...

My son started going to school recently. We have put him in Pre-KG. He is just 2 years and 7 months. He was going to a play home earlier. We have also fixed a cab for him. School is for 3 hrs for him. Add 1 more for travel. He is not really willing to go to school, rather he is not really willing to get separated from us. But now it seems he has taken it as the inevitable. This is so evident in the morning that today it brought tears in my eyes.

He was coming down the stairs, quite, I took it as a sign of "not really averse" to going to school now. Then he walked towards the door of the car, looked into my eyes, suddenly his voice broke, eyes got full of tears and he said "bye bye papa". What moved me that I was expecting him to say "I don't want to go" and he said "bye bye papa". It seems he has now lost hope for getting rid of this school going affair. This happened yesterday also, but it was quick. Yesterday, I noticed a faint smile on his face saying bye to me, whereas a moment earlier he was fighting hard not to board the cab. But today it was total resignation.

God help me tomorrow and give all the strength to my son to cope with the world out there.



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