Yahoo! Mail Beta...

Surprise in the morning. My yahoo toolbar said I have got 9 unread messages so I asked it to show them to me. And surprise, the Yahoo! Mail Beta (YMB) invite was there and I immediately logged in. The interface is ok, unlike google, Yahoo! believes in stuffing your webpage with as many things as possible including jazzy ads. That's one major reason why I prefer google anyday.

Coming back to YMB, the effort has been to make it look more like your desktop mail client (I know a few - Outlook (daily), Netscape (my first), Thunderbird, Evolution). But then my internet connection speed is not fast enough and that hinders the experience because if its a desktop like mail interface you would want it to be as fast. Intranet based applications will show no timelag but for internet based thing the time lag will be there even though we have a few (45 I guess) Mbps internet connectivity at work place.

Unlike desktop clients this one integrates RSS Reader by default, for Outlook you need to install some freeware/plugins. Would like to explore if we can subscribe to newsgroups thru YMB.

Keyboard shortcuts are there, Windows type (Gmail provides vi type shortcuts, myself a vi fan since birth :-)). Arrow keys etc work. Additionals, you can always look into the turorial.

In all, I liked it, looks cool.



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