"Same Name" problem

I have this big problem of "same name" since my college days. In my MCA there were 5 Manish' (different surnames) in my class. Now in office, there are five guys with the name "Manish Srivastava". And we tend to receive each other mails every now and then. In fact, if I get a call from somebody asking for "Manish Srivastava" I first confirm which one he is looking for. I belong to the Linux group and there is another one who is in "rival technology" group and many a times the first question people ask is "how many people are there working on "rival technology"?".

Now this "rival technology" guy is a senior here so I get enquiries and all for him. Sometimes congratulatory mails also. Another guy joined as a fresher, now when he joined, I got all those age old forwards boomranged back to my mail box. "Duniya gol hai" (The world is round!) indeed. With freshers, its not just the fwd mails, there are "good morning" mails, "happy 1st year @ work" mails, PJs and if there are girls in their mailing lists, you can add a few more categories e.g. "cute kittens/babies/puppies/verse" etc.

The height happened recently - what we sometimes do is, to take backup we send the documents to ourselves, now this another "Manish Srivastava" (the fourth one) sends a ppt to himself, and imagine, it reached me!



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