If you are sending me a mail and if you think that I don't know you then please write a reasonable subject in the mail. Because I get so many mails these days from so many people from around the world about so many things which are totally irrelevant to me that I just delete them without opening if they don't sound convincing from Sender's name and the subject line.

Some of the key subject lines -
1) Hi
2) free blah blah blah
3) Your mail
4) Words where "0" (zero) is used for "O" and so on...

And Senders names like
1) Instant Business CD
2) Way of life

And lets not talk about the unmentionable subjects and sender names here.

Spams have totally ruined some of my webmail accounts. Lycos is totally gone, I don't even bother to delete the mails there. My primary web mail used to be Yahoo but that has moved to gmail now, the latter having better filtering. And whenever I visit my Yahoo mail, I have to first delete all those "unreasonable subject" mails and then proceed with reasonable ones. This blog happened when I was checking my Yahoo! mail.

And there is one more category of spammers. Emails from job sites and talent hunt organizations. You need them when you plan to switch job and they need you all the time! So when I contacted them some four years back they were so obliging that they have made it a point to always inform me whenever there is some opportunity anywhere in industry. Software Developer, Testing, Architect is still bearable (keeps me informed ;-)) but I get offers for automobile profiles as well. And there went another preferred email id of mine.

I guess one should strategically choose which email ids to give where. You happen to browse various types of websites, many of them would want you to register there, 90% of them would want you to give your email id for verification etc. So one should use various ids for those variety of websites - yourname_jobsearch, yourname_magazine_subscription, yourname_timepass, yourname_dontmailmeback and so on. That should help in segregating the spams at least.


PS - I did a search on "how to hide your email id from spammers" and it gave some useful results. But that's kinda bit late.


brijesh said…
Today morning I got a mail in my yahoo inbox with subject "Most challenging opportunity in the planet " !!!
And what is this opportunity ? J2EE programming in Weblogic.

Manish said…

I believe sending spam is kind of bread and butter for some people. They just don't care, and send mails to each and every email id they can. Even if 1% of them reply, they would get their returns.


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