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Kiddo Chat

Yesterday Star Plus was showing Richard Attenborough's Gandhi. My son walked by, paused/watched for a while, and asked "bole to uncle kaha hain? (Where is "bole to Uncle" (Munna Bhai)?).


India Shining...

Rising India

India Poised

Do these remind you of anything?

India Shining

When is the election? ;-)


I am a conservative and an orthodox...

Because I am wondering what to understand from this statement -

"a form of intimate entertaining communication involving some very subtle and complex combinations of gesture, language, play and relaxation"

This is quoted verbatim from an ibnlive news. But then my attitude explains, how difficult life is for people from that domain, in our society.


Tata Indica ad...

Remember that Tata Indica Liar ad, my son used to come running from anywhere in the house just to see this ad and he must be just one or one and half year old at that time. I was wondering if I could find it on youtube and yup, it is there, here you go -


The Techcrunch Effect...

Techcrunchblogged about Go2Web20 and heres what they did to themselves because of the traffic coming to them from techcrunch.


PS - Yeah, I know, I have got too many unread feeds in my netvibes!
PPS - Looks like there is some problem with blogspot today, I can blog at blogger but cannot read posts at blogspot. And I smell fish here, because the same blogspot is available thru internet proxies!

Bandwidth Crazy!

Here I go...

Finally it changed - my BSNL dataone bandwidth!


Ek Anek aur Ekta...

I am part of a mailing list of parents in my office. There was a discussion on "Ek Anek aur Ekta" (One, Many and Unity) - a films division video which used to be aired on Doordarshan in the good old days of single TV channel. And its there on Youtube and Google Video. Here you go -

Today morning my son woke up in bad mood. And then I showed him this video and voila! He immediately got back his rhythm... Actually I had to drag him from the computer to finish with the daily morning chores.