IPL Telecoverage

This IPL's television coverage is all screwed up. What a sentence to start a blog! But really, they are messing it up a lot. The host commentators are all amateur including Ajay Jadeja. May be I am so used to Harsha Bhogle. But surely, Max thinks that putting pretty faces can do it for them. They started with one face earlier (Yeah, Ms. Bedi) and now there are plenty. And they all slip and flip on their words, switch overs and match each other in asking silly questions. I wonder why I have not seen Sunil Gavaskar in the studios.

Coming back to the point, there is no sync between there various departments, including the audio and video department. Once we could see Symonds and the commentator talking but couldn't hear them and on another occasion the video showed players warming up while the audio was from the toss. And then it seemed that the host commentators heard and saw everything correctly, no apology for the mixup. The camera men frequently lose track of the ball especially in the Mumbai-Bangalore match today.

Another thing, I am not sure why MAX is using only one channel to show the matches. The schedule is so packed up, the half hour gap between two matches gets eaten up and then they eat up the post match ceremony of the first match. If these guys are going to cover the world cup matches then we sure are up to some pathetic coverage.


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