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Car Care???

Today's lunch time discussion on car cleaning got me thinking about these -

How often do you get your car cleaned with water?

Daily? Alternate days? Twice a week? Once a week? A month? Don't care (Have open car park, rain takes care!)

With/Without soap? Do you use detergents also? How does it affect your car paint? How about Teflon Coating, does it help? How to do Glass cleaning?

Do you have open car parking? If yes, how about tree droppings, bird droppings etc. These must need water wash. And they say immediate!

What type of cloth you use for car cleaning? :-), I am new one into the world of cars, my bikes gets a wash only when it goes to service center, but my car is new, OK.

How often you fill up the "windshield washer fluid reservoir"?

Any other thing?

Got this on googling - Key aspects of car care.

I think I need to go thru the manuals again!



Recently started using Vim on Windows. I like Textpad very much mainly because of support for regular expressions. They have made lot of improvements in vim now, or probably I noticed now, I know that Vim was as good on UNIX already. You get features of both windows like editors - textpad/notepad etc. (don't frown at me, notepad is simple and meets the purpose in general) - and the UNIX like editor "vi". You can use both "k" or "up arrow key" to go up, to save you can do "Ctrl S" or "Esc->:w" and so on. Plus you get better search facilities of vi editor, you can do things much faster without using mouse etc.

But using vi in windows creates problem, the moment I open an xls or word doc (can't live without them, you geeks!) I type j,k,l,h when I want to go down,up,right,left etc. But seriously, I am loving using vi on windows very much. Keeps me in touch always.


Car driving lessons...

I bought this new car on Tuesday. A Santro Xing. I am taking driving lessons from a trainer. He has been giving few good tips which as a novice I obviously didn't know, though some I can relate to my two-wheeler driving experience. They go like this -

1) When you are starting the car, going into first gear, no need to press the accelerator, in first gear just release the clutch slowly, the car will start moving. This is different from what I do in my bike where I release the clutch and accelerate at the same time.

2) In between if your car starts shaking/vibrating, stop releasing the clutch, just keep it at that point, slowly the car will pick up. And then release it further, or take up your other activities of speeding up or whatever. This one is not so different from what I do in the bike. But then in bike I feel like torturing my clutch (plates) by doing that.

3) When you are standing on slope (going uphill), the fear is that your car will go back when you start releasing the brak…


My grand parent's - Ashok Kumar, K L Sehgal, Devika Rani (to the best of my guess)

My Parent's - Dev Anand, Sadhana

Mine - hmmm... The list is long Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Da(Disco Dancer), Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Parveen Boby, Jeenat Aman, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Ayesha Julka, Juhi Chawla, Kajol, Ashwarya Rai, Preity Jinta...

What made me feel Nostalgic now -

There was this show in our office amphitheatre by Kay Kay. There were three of us, having passed schools in the early nineties, and long stopped taking note of which song is sung by whom. So we were thinking, we were sure that KK is famous, we also noticed him in his first album (Pal), but then what all film songs he is credited for. So I googled, and whoa "Tadap Tadap (HDDCS)" is sung by him, vow! And not just that, he has also sung in RHTDM and in DCH and the list was endless. His show was great, electrifying, especially when you are sitting close to t…


This little unrhythmic one came out automagically today. I never thought I can also do this. Occasion - My friend become proud father of a baby boy - but it reminded me of my days when I held my son in my lap (or my hands I should say) for the first time -
1 -
Oh! that longing for
to see him smiling
He looks so sweet
when he is sleeping
And those lovely face twists
when he is crying...
2 -
Congrats to the mother for a job well done
And best wishes for the future for all that's going to come...
3 -
We also congratulate like this to new fathers/mothers or fathers/mothers to be for that matter -
Tere bachche jiye
Tera khoon piye :-D

How many instant messengers you use (and know)?

This post by Om Malik made me think. How many IMs I know -

1. MSN Messenger (An old version - used inside my office intranet)
2. Yahoo Messenger (My primary IM since long)
3. Skype (Trying to switch to it, one good thing is it works on Linux with voice)
4. Gaim (Use it to connect to multiple servers simultaneously, not frequently, with increased voice chatting, not using it regularly)
5. Google talk (Post gmail integration, my usage is increasing)
6. Microsoft's Live messenger (Yet to try)
7. MySpace (Yet to try - I don't have account on MySpace)
8. AOL (Never used - never been to America ;-) )
9. Rediff Bol (Never used it)
10.Indiatimes (Haven't used it since long, not sure if its still there)

Before starting this post, I was thinking why do we need so many messengers. But after listing so many and seeing that I use more than one, my idea changed.

What else? What else? Add your messengers...


Benefit of doubt should go to humanity...

What do you do when you meet somebody for the very first time? Will this guy be good to me? No probably not! Lets see?

What should be your first opinion about somebody? Good/Watchful/something else?

Was having this discussion with my friend when this came out - Benefit of doubt should go to humanity. Not from me, but I liked it and decided to blog it. So here it is.

This happens with us all the time and most of the time probably we are cautious and closed. No harm in assuming that the other guy is a good fellow and start the discussion/meeting/relationship with a positive note.


God - faith or liability?

Is god faith or liability?

More later...