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I bought this new car on Tuesday. A Santro Xing. I am taking driving lessons from a trainer. He has been giving few good tips which as a novice I obviously didn't know, though some I can relate to my two-wheeler driving experience. They go like this -

1) When you are starting the car, going into first gear, no need to press the accelerator, in first gear just release the clutch slowly, the car will start moving. This is different from what I do in my bike where I release the clutch and accelerate at the same time.

2) In between if your car starts shaking/vibrating, stop releasing the clutch, just keep it at that point, slowly the car will pick up. And then release it further, or take up your other activities of speeding up or whatever. This one is not so different from what I do in the bike. But then in bike I feel like torturing my clutch (plates) by doing that.

3) When you are standing on slope (going uphill), the fear is that your car will go back when you start releasing the brake and apply accelerator. Now here, you keep the brake pressed and start releasing the clutch, at one point your car will start shaking because your car wants to move ahead and you have your brakes on. At this point, start releasing your brake slowly and your car will move forward without going backwards. And the trainer claims, this technique can be used for significantly steep slopes as well.

One more interesting note, yesterday while starting the car for the first time of the day, I noticed that there is no space in front of the car but I can easily take the reverse gear and move into that empty space on the back of the car. But he insisted on putting the first gear first, move the car a little forward and then apply the reverse gear. Later on, I asked him why he did that, he pointed towards god. And I just learnt a new word for this action - "auspicate" meaning "Commence in a manner calculated to bring good luck".

Would like the seasoned car drivers to comment and pitch in with their own tips. Can be useful for a novice like me. I would be adding more tips as and when I get any. And I hope that by writing them in this blog, I may get a better understanding of what I learnt.



Amit Srivastav said…
congratulations for new Santro Xing soon we will do ,lets go with the Xing...
enjoy the pleasure of long drive as soon as you get tough on steering seat

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