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Firefox and IE...

There was this discussion (flame war) going on Firefox and IE and Firefox Myths at our internal blogsite. This made me ponder on why I moved away from IE. Below is an extract from my comment there -

I was trying to recollect what all those things were which led me away from IE way back -

1) Pop problems - boom boom boom, click one link and get four more windows as free gifts. There was no sign of any effort in pop up blocking in IE for a long time, one is free to feel good about it now when they finally woke up.

2) Multiple windows opened when you wanted to open many links in google results, cluttering your task bar - tabbed browsing (no signs of tabbed browsing were there in IE till last year I guess and when they introduced it with MSN toolbar, it was very heavy and totally unusable, I was laughing when I saw how innocently they have talked about it in that "Firefox myth" page). Tabbed browsing has been a breeze in both Opera and Firefox for a lo…

Top-level domains

How many domain names (codes) you have come across? Let me list down a few -

1) dot com
2) dot org
3) dot net (not the MS one)
4) dot info
5) dot "country code" - us for USA, in for India, de for Germany, uk for UK and so on
6) dot int (my latest observation - check this one
7) dot co dot "country code" -
8) dot gov dot "country code"
9) dot gov

More information about top-level domains is here, country code top-level domain is here and generic top-level domain is here. Actually, the last two list down all of them and I have not seen many of them.


Web 2.0 - Continued...

I came across this interesting discussion on 11 Suggestions For Not Being a Dot-Bomb 2.0. This is certainly a good read including the comments, and don't forget to take this great quiz on Web 2.0. And if possible post your score as well. Mine was 25.

Good day!


Mid-management crisis in IT Companies...

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague who finished his B.Tech. during the dot com bust days. Those days, he already had a job offer thru campus placement. Then his joining was delayed by about a year. In fact, the letter informing him about the delay was dated 9/11. There are many such guys who finished graduation in year 2001 but could join the industry only in 2002.

The discussion was on what has happened due to this delay during 2000-2002. Due to that delay, people with experience between 4-6 years are scarce in the industry because its not just a matter of one year during 2000-2002, the whole demand and supply process got disturbed during those years. People going elsewhere, opting for other courses, lesser numbers opting for computer sciences in the later years, industry taking its own time to recover etc. These numbers may have been small but still would have impacted for sure. And if suppose, a thousand were supposed to join one company, these would have in turn managed a…

Firefox and your old extensions...

Found this from digg. If you are using Firefox 2.0 beta 1 and your extensions of Firefox 1.5 are not working. Try this addon as they call them now. It is working for me, though I had to see a few Firefox core dumps (on windows) and switch between 2.0b1 and 1.5 to disable a few extensions. Its finally working.



Web 2.0 Sites

This post on extremetech prompted me to list out web 2.0 sites. A good discussion on Web 2.0 is here -

Online Video - YouTube, Google Video, Guba, Yahoo Video, metacafe

Online Office - Writely, ThinkFree, NumSum, Zoho, Google Spreadsheet, AjaxWrite, Edit Grid

Maps - Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MSN maps

I have realized by now that the site list will be endless... Let's focus more on categories -

Personal p2p - Pando, Perenety, Wired Reach, Bit Torrent (A little different but still)

Chatting - Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk, live

Online Aggregators - NetVibes, Google Reader, My Yahoo,,

Bookmarking - Delicious, StumbleUpon

Photo Sharing - flickr, webshots, Yahoo photos, Riya (Photo Search)

Social Networking - myspace, orkut, linkedin, facebook, friendster (this guy won the patent for social networking), hi5 and so on.


Blogging - Blogger, Six Apart(typepad, livejournal), Word Press

Bloggers - There is a league built up on the net, of bloggers with major followings e.g. Om Malik, Guy…

Firefox 26%, IE 67%...

Check this out. It says Firefox share has increased to 26% and just a few days ago I thought its just 10-11%. IE is the topmost anyway with 67% share.

As per the website the information is collected like this -

This report is based on an analysis of the last 25,000 page views to each website tracked by W3Counter, not including the W3Counter website itself. Distinct visits are identified, and only those taking place in the last 30 days are used. This information is free for your use with appropriate attribution to

That's good news for firefox supporters.