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"Same Name" problem

I have this big problem of "same name" since my college days. In my MCA there were 5 Manish' (different surnames) in my class. Now in office, there are five guys with the name "Manish Srivastava". And we tend to receive each other mails every now and then. In fact, if I get a call from somebody asking for "Manish Srivastava" I first confirm which one he is looking for. I belong to the Linux group and there is another one who is in "rival technology" group and many a times the first question people ask is "how many people are there working on "rival technology"?".

Now this "rival technology" guy is a senior here so I get enquiries and all for him. Sometimes congratulatory mails also. Another guy joined as a fresher, now when he joined, I got all those age old forwards boomranged back to my mail box. "Duniya gol hai" (The world is round!) indeed. With freshers, its not just the fwd mails, there are "…

Shock of the day...

CNN IBN newsFive members of a family were trapped in an overflowing river for eight hours in Rajsthan, India. They were swept away, one by one, while an entire town and the government machinery watched.

This is shocking, was there no way to save them, airlift using helicopter or something? Considering that it took eight hours for all of them to die (swept away). And considering that we could mobilize the whole nation to save prince.


Free and Open Source licensing...

I found a good discussion on Open Source licensing. It is a Sun white paper, so talks about Sun's open source licensing policies and all, but the author has managed to convey the message very clearly. He has categorized the FOSS licenses into three and clearly listed the pros and cons of each of them, and how, where and why Sun has used the licenses from each category.

A good read indeed.


Java / Open Source

Went to /. after a long time today, rss aggregation has changed the way you browse. The site has changed its look and feel and for better.

And the news/update is that Sun has moved a step further in making Java open source. The first lot (JavaC and Hotspot VM) will happen in October this year.

Read more at vnunet and Sun's java community website Open Sourcing the JDK.


Buzz of the day...

Windows live writer - on GigaOm , on TechCrunch and where not. Download it from here. As per Windows Live Writer blog it is - A desktop application that makes it easier (we will see!) to compose compelling (we will see!!) blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.~mks PS - Works only on Microsoft Windows :-P

Infosys Blogs...

Infosys has got an official blog now. Check it out.


Cooliris observation...

I use Cooliris addon with firefox and I had this interesting observation. The mantra of Cooliris is "Why Click", so interesting things can happen if you click while you are using Cooliris.

Like I had one google search result in a browser window and then with Cooliris I was reading a pdf doc. Now while browsing thru the pdf file inside the cooliris (on the browser window) I had to click to move thru the pages and one or two clicks landed on the search results which were word docs or other pdf (in the background browser window behind cooliris). So this guy (Firefox) showed me a download window asking for "Save as" and I was wondering from where and how this is happening. And then I realized, cooliris he he he!!!


PS - Cooliris also comes for IE and Safari (Mac).
PPS - Did I sound confusing? You are not using Cooliris!