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Infosys-Microsoft blog site...

I am really impressed by the Infosys-Microsoft blog site. They have started with content, really. This is purely an Infosys initiative btw, Infy techies are blogging about anything and everything technical. Cool one!

And the tone is informal, first thing that is needed for blog sites (according to me at least). No philosophy discussions (read flat world, offshoring etc.) here, thats required probably for brand building among the budget allocation community in the big organizations.

On the other hand, I find the soa blogs rather high level. I need to grow up it seems!


Random thoughts - Kingfisher earphones, pens...

Every second earphone that I see around, is a Kingfisher earphone. The one you get when you fly with Kingfisher Airlines in India. Nice branding, right? Jet Airways guys give out different gifts to kids every time you travel with them. No branding for them that way!

I have even seen people carrying Kingfisher ball pens. You can easily guess that this person has flown the airline very recently. Why, because contrary to earphones, the shelf (your pocket) life of ball pens is very short. Ask the facility guy in our company who issues ball pens to us, or his boss for a bigger picture. The law of conservation of pens always fails. Where do all these pens go? Seriously.

Btw, you can recognize the Kingfisher earphones by their color, the bright red one ("The Kingfisher Airline's red color" - can't recall still - remember the color of the dresses of their air hostesses, now I am sure!). Longer shelf life of earphones can be explained that way - "to keep the memories afre…


I hear (from here) that Apple is sending attorneys behind those who use the word "podcast" as it is Apple's something (trademark or whatever!). Will that affect companies like those who plan to put podcasts on their websites for brand building?

Read more about Apple and podcasting issue here.

Anyone who knows about the owner of the word "blog"!


Web 2.0 winners and losers...

Readers make your own judgment!

This one compiles a list of web 2.0 winners/losers and the other one gives out a list of web 2.0 losers. Some of the names come in both, like

1. Odeo - Winner in first, loser in second,

2. Squidoo - Loser in both.

The latter list also includes Flock, Netscape, Microsoft, Technorati and SixApart. I think they are going a little overboard with their enthusiasm. Flock seems relevant anyway ;-).



Now this is an interesting one from valleywag. Flock CEO and founder resigns and plans to start another company. The stuff is still in 0.x stage. And it seems they have a funding of $3.2 million.

How do we take it? A casualty in the browser war or there will be something more than what meets the eye? Lets see...

I have used it and liked it; simple, meets the requirements and works.


Sun Microsystems...

This valleywag entry intrigued me to do a Google blog search on Sun Microsystems sale. The search took me to this somewhat old discussion on "Is Sun priming itself for sale?". The discussion is good but there is one point in it which made me post this blog -

The buyer could be one of the new players: some undefinably large and yet unknown company from China or India.

Among others (IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Apple), one of the readers is expecting a company from India or China, yet "unknown" to outside world take over Sun Microsystems. Interesting! People have these views about India. China I understand, it could be Lenovo but which is this "undefinably" large and yet "unknown" company in India.