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Rasmus Lerdorf

I have become a fan of Rasmus Lerdorf. He is the author of first two version of the PHP language. For the last two years, I have been attending his talks in and these talks have been excellent. Last year he talked about cross site scripting and this year the topic was Getting rich with PHP 5.

Please go thru these presentations. Talking about the latter presentation, if you have an idea and you need to develop a website, then to earn from it, you need visitors, and you need lots of them, and to handle say 500000 visitors you need your servers to handle 1700 req/sec. Now he takes you with a development cycle where you take a website developed in PHP from 17 req/sec to 1100 req/sec on a simple desktop like box. Interesting talk and worth read.



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My netvibes opml

Netvibes enabled the export opml feature long back. I tried it today and now my netvibes opml is available here.

And I tried configuring performancing today with my blogger beta account. After a few hit and trials it worked. Not sure whether I was giving wrong passwd or something. And this post is from performancing. Cool!

And by the way, my recipe is here.


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Father-son chat...

Excerpts from today morning post-waking up discussion with my 3 years old son -

Son - Ye apka mooch hai? (This is your moustache?)
Father - Haan (Yes)
Son - Mera mooch to nahi hai! (I don't have moustache!)
Father - Haan, main bada hoon, meri mooch hai, tum chote ho tumhari mooch nahi hai (I am old so I have moustache, you are young so you don't have moustache)
Son - Dadu chote hain? (Grandpa is young?)
Father - (Speechless!!)



PS - Need I say my dad doesn't have mooch!!

Random Thoughts...

Feel Good -

I feel that the number of people who "despise corruption and try to stay as far as possible from it", is increasing or has increased in my generation and onwards (the generation of 70s and the younger ones). Getting a government job with "upar ki aamdani" (extra unaccounted income) used to be a sought after position in the past. Nowadays, getting a job in private sector (they are high earning also, if you compare them with old economy jobs) is more common. These private sectors include IT, Pharma, Banking, Retail, Telecom, Automobile etc. If the trend remains so, we can be hopeful of eradicating corruption in the next 100 years or so. No I am not sarcastic, corruption is a problem which has got into our blood. And expecting it clean up in next 100 years is very optimistic. It will certainly take a few more better generations to go away.

I know some brilliant people who opted for government job but now they are struggling to justify their decision because …


We had an interesting experience of rain and water logging recently. We went to meet a relative in Malleshwaram (Bangalore). On our way back, I took the Sheshadripuram-Majestic route to come to BTM. It was raining heavily all the time. In Sheshadripuram, there is a rail over-bridge and there was good amount of water logging under it. And just when I was crossing it, one BMTC bus also crossed it from the opposite direction and splashed huge amount of water on us. The car was literally poured upon by that dirty, muddy rain water. For a few seconds, we saw only opaque water on the wind screens all around the car. Certainly an amazing experience!

A fellow blogger pointed out, the experience could have been more amazing, had I left the window(s) open!



Movies that I watched recently - Khosla Ka Ghosla - Very nice movie. Decent length - a short one but complete. Entertaining, and very typical middle class depiction. And it is especially made for janta from and around Delhi. Not that those who are not from those places will not enjoy it. My memorable sequence from the movie being - Father telling proudly that I will buy the land and my engineer son will build the house and then the son clarifying I am not a "house building" engineer, I am a computer engineer. This son is also aspiring to go to US of A, another son is an aspiring real estate agent. Boman Irani got a role similar to that of LRMB and makes you laugh. All that happens in this melee is very entertaining. In all, I liked the movie very much.DON - I liked the movie, the style, the storyline, the twists, the scope for a sequel and so on. The movie grew on me after I left the theatre. Leaves the viewer thinking, wondering and smiling. I have even thought a name for t…


I came back from long vacation recently. Itinerary being -

Bangalore --> Delhi --> Varanasi --> Lucknow --> Unchahar --> Lucknow --> Delhi --> Bangalore.

Except for one train journey (Lucknow - Delhi), all the travels by train and plane were on time, "RT" as they write on the Rail inquiry boards. And I really feel good about this overall RT experience.

The train delay was interesting. We were coming from Lucknow to Delhi by this Kaifiyat Express (Super fast). It runs from Azamgarh (Kaifi Azami's birth place and now famous for Abu Salem) to Delhi. It was an hour late at Lucknow and we boarded the train at 12:00am in the morning. When I woke up later in the morning, we were heading towards Aligarh and we were around 2 and a half hour late already. Aligarh is around 2 hrs from Delhi at full speed.

At Aligarh, the train stopped, and after sometime we started wondering why, and then were sure that this train is now going to pass Rajdhanis heading towards Delh…