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I went to my native place recently. Moved around a lot of places there. Went to my Alma mater also. During the visit, I tried my S2IS a lot. So this blog is going to be a post of the photographs I clicked during the visit. You will find the same photographs at flickr also. Lets start with the photographs now -

1) Statistics department in BHU (Banaras Hindu University). We used to have our Mathematics and Statistics classes here. I studied Physics, Mathematics and Statistics in the first two years of my B.Sc.

2) Another one from Statistics Department

3) List of Profs at Physics Department, BHU. I did Physics (Hons) in the final year of my B.Sc.

4) Those from Physics dept will probably recognize this

5) From the Old Lecture Theatre in Physics

6) One of the notice boards in Physics Dept

7) Computer Center - met some teachers there as well.

8) Computer Center Labs - we used to have 80x86 computers with no harddisk, boot them using floppies and then work on the assembly programs using another floppy. -

9) Though we had good HP-9000 also in a separate lab -

10) This is my school - KV BHU, yup I spent some really good years in BHU, 12 years of schooling, another 3 for graduation and last 3 for MCA -

11) VT - Vishwanath Temple - notice the additional security measures there

This was a rather long one. Thanks for reading/watching till this point.



Prasoon said…
memories revisited huh - cool :)
Parul said…
Great Photos Manish !! Reminded me of the days at BHU.

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