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Rail Enquiry...

Have you tried the Rail Enquiry using the number 139? This one is IVR and it allows you to type in the train number or speak the train name. There is an option (in Bangalore) where you can enquire for either train bound to Bangalore station or elsewhere. For elsewhere you have to speak the station name. Today when I said "Yasvantpur Jn", the IVR lady said "I **think** you said Yasvantpur".

The "I think" struck me hard. Vow! To make the software sound more interactive/human they have used the word "think", cool!


PS - I use the Train Enquiry website. Todays was an exception.

Kiddo Chat...

My son has this peculiar inclination towards reading text from right to left like we do in Arabic/Farsi/Urdu. Yesterday, when his Mom asked him to spell Apple, he said "E L P P A"! If I try to read newspaper to him and start reading "The Hindu" like "T H E H I N D U", he will say "no read it like 'U D N ...'".

My grandfather was a teacher of Farsi so that could possibly be one reason. But its interesting, like they force kids to use their right hand we will make him read from left to right.


Bad day!

We went to one "Hemadri Cermaics Shop" near Silk Board in Bangalore. I parked the car with enough space for parking two more cars on the left. But one lorry driver had other ideas. While we were inside checking out the bathroom accessories, he apparently while backing up his vehicle, did a huge smooch with the rear left door of my car -

He could have stopped while the lorry just touched my car but that has not to happen, the lorry's rear stuck at this point in my car and dragged the car till its front bumper hit the boundary wall some 3 ft ahead of it -

The lorry driver ran away after the incident. The shop owner who owned the lorry as well has promised to bear the cost for the dent. But lets see if they hold their promise when I tell them the cost of repair tomorrow. When I showed the damage to service center they were suggesting change of door. I am going to claim the insurance for this and hope they pay the part which will come to me. I will be loosing the no-claim b…