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In US...

This is my first visit to the US and past 6 weeks have been a nice experience. I have these many things to write about, not sure if my schedule here will allow me to write on them -
The Journey to the USDriving in USSnowfallSight SeeingOne good thing about the place where I am staying here is that I wake up every morning with this view outside the window -

It doesn't snow every morning here. And sleep with this view outside my window -

The Gateway Arch has been my prime subject in photographs so far. And I guess I would be uploading various photos of it if I manage to post all my blogs I mentioned above.

When I was starting from India, my friend told me about this and it still struck me when I landed here in the downtown of St Louis. You feel like there is some curfew imposed in the city. There are very less people on the street. All you see is cars (if at all). It can also be due to the cold weather. In this city, I guess this phenomena is especially true with the downtown because…