Car Care???

Today's lunch time discussion on car cleaning got me thinking about these -

How often do you get your car cleaned with water?

Daily? Alternate days? Twice a week? Once a week? A month? Don't care (Have open car park, rain takes care!)

With/Without soap? Do you use detergents also? How does it affect your car paint? How about Teflon Coating, does it help? How to do Glass cleaning?

Do you have open car parking? If yes, how about tree droppings, bird droppings etc. These must need water wash. And they say immediate!

What type of cloth you use for car cleaning? :-), I am new one into the world of cars, my bikes gets a wash only when it goes to service center, but my car is new, OK.

How often you fill up the "windshield washer fluid reservoir"?

Any other thing?

Got this on googling - Key aspects of car care.

I think I need to go thru the manuals again!



Manish Malik said…
Teflon coat helps.

Rest, we have car cleaners in our locality, who would clean car (from outside) for around 100-150 rupees a month.
See if you can find any of those around.

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