Recently started using Vim on Windows. I like Textpad very much mainly because of support for regular expressions. They have made lot of improvements in vim now, or probably I noticed now, I know that Vim was as good on UNIX already. You get features of both windows like editors - textpad/notepad etc. (don't frown at me, notepad is simple and meets the purpose in general) - and the UNIX like editor "vi". You can use both "k" or "up arrow key" to go up, to save you can do "Ctrl S" or "Esc->:w" and so on. Plus you get better search facilities of vi editor, you can do things much faster without using mouse etc.

But using vi in windows creates problem, the moment I open an xls or word doc (can't live without them, you geeks!) I type j,k,l,h when I want to go down,up,right,left etc. But seriously, I am loving using vi on windows very much. Keeps me in touch always.



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