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Read this at Om Malik's, who in turn is quoting Robert Young's article in wired magazine who in turn is quoting what Rupert Murdoch is claiming ;-). The story goes like this -

Google could have bought MySpace for $290m which Rupert Murdoch later bought for $580m. Now MySpace creates lots of search traffic which in turn contributes to around 8% of google's incoming traffic which in turn means $400m for google in terms of annual revenue. And now MySpace wants to put their search business on auction on per year revenue share basis. So google may have to lose out a big chunk of that $400m every year.

Now, I remember participating in some survey by Yahoo where they indicated about doles to be given out if the participants use Yahoo search as the default. It hadn't worked, at least for me (how do you show that smiley with tongue wagging!). Google is now an addiction for me and I am sure for many others. Like on Mondays and Tuesdays, nobody needs to remind me now to wear a tie to office, its in my subconscious mind now :-). All this meaning, that even if MySpace provides a different search engine, users may go and use their own default search engine. This in turn may take some traffic away from MySpace. I am not sure how it works, I am relating it to Firefox and IE7 search boxes.

But interesting is the world out there fighting for search traffic and ad revenues ($6 billion for google only!). I remember those DD days where there used to be some 20-30min of ads in the beginning of the Sunday movies and after that uninterrupted supply till 7:30 for a 15min "Aap aur Hum" and then movie again.

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