Mid-management crisis in IT Companies...

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague who finished his B.Tech. during the dot com bust days. Those days, he already had a job offer thru campus placement. Then his joining was delayed by about a year. In fact, the letter informing him about the delay was dated 9/11. There are many such guys who finished graduation in year 2001 but could join the industry only in 2002.

The discussion was on what has happened due to this delay during 2000-2002. Due to that delay, people with experience between 4-6 years are scarce in the industry because its not just a matter of one year during 2000-2002, the whole demand and supply process got disturbed during those years. People going elsewhere, opting for other courses, lesser numbers opting for computer sciences in the later years, industry taking its own time to recover etc. These numbers may have been small but still would have impacted for sure. And if suppose, a thousand were supposed to join one company, these would have in turn managed another 10 thousand now.

So what we can deduce from all this is the much talked about mid-management crisis in IT industry can be attributed to that down spike during 2000-2002. Well, to some extent at least.

What say?



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