Web 2.0 Sites

This post on extremetech prompted me to list out web 2.0 sites. A good discussion on Web 2.0 is here -

Online Video - YouTube, Google Video, Guba, Yahoo Video, metacafe

Online Office - Writely, ThinkFree, NumSum, Zoho, Google Spreadsheet, AjaxWrite, Edit Grid

Maps - Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MSN maps

I have realized by now that the site list will be endless... Let's focus more on categories -

Personal p2p - Pando, Perenety, Wired Reach, Bit Torrent (A little different but still)

Chatting - Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk, live

Online Aggregators - NetVibes, Google Reader, My Yahoo, google.com/ig, live.com

Bookmarking - Delicious, StumbleUpon

Photo Sharing - flickr, webshots, Yahoo photos, Riya (Photo Search)

Social Networking - myspace, orkut, linkedin, facebook, friendster (this guy won the patent for social networking), hi5 and so on.


Blogging - Blogger, Six Apart(typepad, livejournal), Word Press

Bloggers - There is a league built up on the net, of bloggers with major followings e.g. Om Malik, Guy Kawasaki, Niall Kennedy, Mini-Microsoft, Jonathan Schwartz, Scoble, Tim Berners-Lee, and some of those mentioned in various categories here are blog sites. Pardon me if some of the great ones are missed out here, as I said let's focus on categories!

Interesting Ones - Valleywag, BoingBoing, 5ives

Useful Blogs - 43 Folders

Podcasts - Thisweekintech, yahoo podcasts, podbazaar, podtech.net

Videocasts - Rocketboom - Having some trouble these days!, DLTV

News Sites

News - Reddit

Techie Ones - Engadget, Slashdot, digg, Techmeme, Extremetech, TechCrunch

Sites having lots of web 2.0 stuff -

Google is anyway full of such stuff - maps, gmail, spreadsheet, calendar and many more

Yahoo - My Yahoo, flickr, maps and many more

Microsoft Live - Microsoft catches up!

37signals - Collaboration, Organize Information, write board etc.

Six Apart - typepad, livejournal etc.

Technorati - Blogosphere

A list of web 2.0 start ups here. Looking for more categories...



cliff said…
Hi, I am Cliff from EditGrid, thanks for your mentioning on our product in your list. Just want to tell you our public beta 7 is released yesterday, with new feature added,e.g. wrap text and tagging. Thanks.

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