Cooliris observation...

I use Cooliris addon with firefox and I had this interesting observation. The mantra of Cooliris is "Why Click", so interesting things can happen if you click while you are using Cooliris.

Like I had one google search result in a browser window and then with Cooliris I was reading a pdf doc. Now while browsing thru the pdf file inside the cooliris (on the browser window) I had to click to move thru the pages and one or two clicks landed on the search results which were word docs or other pdf (in the background browser window behind cooliris). So this guy (Firefox) showed me a download window asking for "Save as" and I was wondering from where and how this is happening. And then I realized, cooliris he he he!!!


PS - Cooliris also comes for IE and Safari (Mac).
PPS - Did I sound confusing? You are not using Cooliris!


Cooliris Team said…
Hi Manish:

Thanks so much for posting on Cooliris!

We wanted to let you know that we've just released Cooliris Previews v1.8 for Firefox, which not only allows you to preview but now also share links and rich media instantly. Below is our brief blurb on its features.

Thanks also for your spin on our mantra "Why Click". As we're further developing this product, we've actually found some clicking may nice to have, in fact--sharing links, right-click functionalities. So, as you rightly suggest, we're actually going to start moving away form "why click" and more toward the overall idea of exploring more with faster and easier browsing.

All the best,
Alec and the Cooliris Team

Cooliris Previews 1.8 for Firefox gives PC and Mac users the power to browse and share web links and rich media instantly.

With Cooliris Previews 1.8 for Firefox, you can:

1. Fly through web links, images, and videos without clicking. Simply mouse over any link and the Cooliris preview window will instantly appear to show you the underlying content without leaving your current page.

2. NEW! Send the content a friend in less than 1 second from the preview window. There's no need to open your default email program.

3. Right-click on any phrase on any webpage, and Cooliris will automatically do a subsearch in Google, Wikipedia, and others.

4. Enable/disable Cooliris functionality on any particular domain.

Cooliris Previews works great for Google, Yahoo!, AOL, YouTube Videos, Flickr Images, News Stories, and just about any website.

Previews 1.8 for Firefox is a free plug-in that installs in less than 10 seconds and contains no adware or spyware whatsoever.

Cooliris Previews can be downloaded from

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