Random thoughts - Kingfisher earphones, pens...

Every second earphone that I see around, is a Kingfisher earphone. The one you get when you fly with Kingfisher Airlines in India. Nice branding, right? Jet Airways guys give out different gifts to kids every time you travel with them. No branding for them that way!

I have even seen people carrying Kingfisher ball pens. You can easily guess that this person has flown the airline very recently. Why, because contrary to earphones, the shelf (your pocket) life of ball pens is very short. Ask the facility guy in our company who issues ball pens to us, or his boss for a bigger picture. The law of conservation of pens always fails. Where do all these pens go? Seriously.

Btw, you can recognize the Kingfisher earphones by their color, the bright red one ("The Kingfisher Airline's red color" - can't recall still - remember the color of the dresses of their air hostesses, now I am sure!). Longer shelf life of earphones can be explained that way - "to keep the memories afresh". Did I need to say that! :-D



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