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Feel Good -

I feel that the number of people who "despise corruption and try to stay as far as possible from it", is increasing or has increased in my generation and onwards (the generation of 70s and the younger ones). Getting a government job with "upar ki aamdani" (extra unaccounted income) used to be a sought after position in the past. Nowadays, getting a job in private sector (they are high earning also, if you compare them with old economy jobs) is more common. These private sectors include IT, Pharma, Banking, Retail, Telecom, Automobile etc. If the trend remains so, we can be hopeful of eradicating corruption in the next 100 years or so. No I am not sarcastic, corruption is a problem which has got into our blood. And expecting it clean up in next 100 years is very optimistic. It will certainly take a few more better generations to go away.

I know some brilliant people who opted for government job but now they are struggling to justify their decision because they find their classmates doing better in terms of money apart from staying away from corruption. (The second part of my statement is my own inference and is not based on any discussion with those people). A PO in a government bank working somewhere in Rajasthan is thinking about joining a private sector bank somewhere in Delhi or Jaipur. An IAS in West Bengal is now working in an IT company in US. Another IES switched to IT. These used to be such high profile jobs when the closest I could see a computer was in Rail Reservation center (Oh no! that's just a dumb terminal). Each of those people can/could resort to the "natural" money making ways of those organization but chose not to. You may also find some of these silver linings in Mark Tully's book "India in Slow Motion". Those in book chose not to leave the system, rather fight with it.

I don't know if its only me who thinks like this or if all the people at some stage in their life would have thought like this. Is this a common feeling and this happens with everybody at some stage of their life no matter what generation they belong to? Or I am feeling like this because I am sitting in some comfort zone far from the realities of life? Or is it like there has been some good people and many bad people (or vice versa) and it will remain like that for generations to come. Let me also proclaim that I am using a relative term "has increased" which also means there have been finite number of honest people earlier also.

Feel "not so good" -

On the other hand, I still know many people who are preparing hard and spending years to get into these government jobs. All of them are aware of the "natural" money making ways of these organizations and some of them openly acknowledge that. The corruption in the government organizations has been discussed all over the places. We just don't know what's going on there when we see them from outside.

Going into the cause of corruption will only make this discussion lengthy, but still the basic cause is "greed" and that is something fundamental to the human nature, nobody can change that!



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