Photo Blog Infosys Mysore - 1

I went to Infosys Mysore recently for some work. This time I took my camera with me. And every morning and evening, we used to go out for long walks and took lots of photographs. Good that I was accompanied with people who know about photography and they taught me how to use modes other than automatic in my Canon S2IS. I will be posting those photographs in the days to come. Lets start with the "good morning" photographs first -

Deserted Infosys road, dawn time -

This cloud formation looked interesting. Some kind of sign language, near the origami building -

The Sun rising from behind the Origami building (note that the chimney is not part of the Infy Campus) -

The Sun rises on ECC building -

And the basket ball court -

So how were these? More to come in later posts. Thanks for watching!



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