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Summer Training...

Is it mandatory to do 2 months summer training course during your engineering? Say after 6th sem. What is the norm like?

The demand-supply equations have changed. When these courses were designed, they had only a few seats to start with, and there were only a few industries (government run/public sector), that equilibrium is gone now.

There are so many engineering colleges out there churning out so many grads every year, how is the availability of genuine summer training opportunities? With the colleges making it compulsory and junta is coming out in such large numbers, how is it possible for everyone of them to do something useful. 2 months will be spent in no time with the trainee just getting acquainted with the norms of the industry, when will he/she produce something useful for the organization.

The companies will rarely get any returns from the such short trainings. If at all they do, they enforce stringent mechanisms to induct trainees, and add some branding benefits to it. It mig…

Happy Feet Video - Desi Ishtyle

This one is one of my favorite video off late on youtube. Very nicely done and can work as a very good promotion for the Happy Feet - Hindi version.


Another father-son chat...

Last night it was raining in Bangalore, a little bit of thunder and lightening as well. And while this was on, me and my son were having a chat -

Son: Ye kya bol raha hai? (What is this noise?)
Me: Badal bol raha hai. (Its the clouds)
Son: Chal hum log chapat laga ke aate hain badal ko. (Lets go and slap the clouds)
Me: Vaha sky mein kaise jaoge? (How will you go up in the sky?)
Son: Superman ka towel pahan ke jayenge. (We will wear Superman's "towel"!)