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Microsoft agrees to buy aQuantive for $6 billion, compare this with google's acquisition of Double Click for $3.1 billion. Other such acquisitions I heard of - Yahoo Inc. buying online ad exchange Right Media Inc. ($680 million), and WPP Group PLC buying ad firm 24/7 Real Media Inc ($649 million).

Baba re! kitna paisa hai advertisement mein!! (Gosh! there's so much money in advertising business).

This one is from GigaOm - Alltel, one of the smaller mobile carriers has decided to go private in a deal that values the company at $27.5 billion ($71.50 a share in cash), a 23% premium over Alltel’s closing price on December 29, 2006. The company is being acquired by two private equity players, TPG (Texas Pacific Group) and GS Capital Partners (private equity arm of Goldman Sachs).

Baba re! Mobile business mein aur jyada paisa hai (Gosh! Mobile business involves even more money).

Vinnie Mirchandani discusses salaries and billing rates of Indian Offshoring companies in his blog post titled "the fat flat world". He quotes one survey where customers think after-tax outsourcing margins should only be 5 to 12%. IIRC Infy, Wipro, CTS do in the range of 3-5 times of that.

They (customers) also seem to be saying - Baba re! Kitna paisa hai logo ke paas!




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