A tip is a payment to certain service sector workers beyond the advertised bill or fee.

It was a sad day yesterday. One of my relatives passed away. The family decided to take him to the native place Lucknow. The air travel required the body to be embalmed and casketed. There is an agency in Bangalore which does this. So we went to this mortuary where this was to be done. The guy over there could speak in Hindi and he very clearly explained us everything. He was very forthcoming in giving all the information and he assured us that everything will be done on time.

While all this was happening, the youngest son went to a corner and was crying. We went to console him. And suddenly this guy walked over to us and asked for a tip. Apparently he was going to bring dinner and he was asking for a tip to get the same. We were shocked. We gave the money but the shock stayed and probably this is one of those events which will reside in my mind for all my life.

Later we discussed the same and we deduced that they have become agnostic to all these emotions. They cannot survive if they let those emotions overcome them. And for that matter, we tipped them again when they helped us hand over the casket to the airport cargo today morning!



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