Pownce, Inviteshare and Techcrunch

First Joost and now pownce, thanks to Techcrunch. The joost invite I got directly from Techcrunch courtesy this post. And today I stumbled upon this news item about Techcrunch acquiring Inviteshare. So I checked up Inviteshare and immediately signed up. And placed myself in the queue for invitation for pownce. And vow! Within 10 min one Mr. Maverick sends me an invite. I am amazed. Come to think about it, inviteshare is good, one way it fetches you invites for new happening type sites and other way it tells you which are the sites which are of happening types these days!

Coming back to pownce, some of my friends who have been powncing for sometime now, must have noticed new friend request from me. Getting into pownce thru this method was interesting, now I have joost invites and pownce invites which I am going to send/share now thru this inviteshare. So if anybody is still looking for them, please sign up on inviteshare, and then I will invite you for joost and pownce :-P.


PS - And btw, I am looking for livestation invite now, the livestation team has given some blah blah on growing the user-base in controlled manner!


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