I used to use Fedora till I fell for Ubuntu sometimes back. I have never been loyal to any particular Linux distro till I started using Ubuntu a year or two back. That instinct of "switching distros" was probably on a high yesterday and I thought I should check how is Fedora doing these days. I checked Fedora website, currently Fedora 9 is available. Let's download the DVD so I went for the torrent way. I noticed that some 700 seeds were available and some 250+ users were downloading Fedora 9 with me. I was amazed and I thought probably Fedora 9 was released recently. So I checked the schedule. Some more amazement for me, Fedora 9 was released on May 13 this year. And Fedora 10 is just a month away. Hmmm, I am totally out of touch and it seems Fedora is quite popular. But I cancelled the download and will wait for Fedora 10 to get released. The Ubuntu upgrade is just a day away anyway!

I am really very interested now in checking the torrent data on Fedora 10 release day!



rahulsundaram said…
You might want to try a snapshot of Fedora 10 instead. It is quite stable (as far as development snapshots) go and you will be automatically pointed to the stable repositories when Fedora 10 gets released.


Rahul Sundaram
Fedora Project Contributor
Manish said…
Thanks a lot Rahul, may be I should try the snapshot as you say!


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