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Nail biting finish!

Climax - Anti-Climax!



I have been trying to think about words which can describe today's F1-2008 finale@Interlagos. I started watching Tennis when Boris Becker's won the 1985 Wimbledon at the age of 17. I started following Formula1 keenly when I noticed blogs@my office and newspapers mentioning a young rookie doing podium finishes race after race in 2007 season. I actually became a fan of Hamilton right from the moment I saw him (a rookie!) holding Kimi all thru the race right from the beginning which Alonso won with McLaren 1-2. Prior to that my interests in Tennis or Formula1 was limited to newspaper sports columns.

Today I think I am sold to formula1. I uttered a thousand swear words to Kubica when I saw him doing those maneuvers between Vettel and Hamilton. I also for a moment believed like the Ferrari team that my favourite Racer has lost the title again till I heard Karun Chandhok shouting at the top of his voice that Timo Glock slowed down and Lewis Hamilton is fifth. The lady-luck turned her back on Hamilton last year while she has smiled on him this year. Scores are level! He has won this year's championship when it "sounded" like the whole world was against him. He can make a fresh start next season and please please please make less mistakes. But for the mistakes he would have been a champion by leaps and bounds in both 2007 and 2008 seasons, but a "no-mistakes-life" is impossible for mere mortals. Championship goes to the guy who makes least number of unforced errors.

Stories will come in pouring about those 30sec when it all happened but those 30sec were the most dramatic ones which people will remember for some time to come. If I say "long time to come" then it will undermine the fun that this game brings into the life of spectators and the players. Looking forward to the next season right away!


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