Go Green!

I see many "Go Green" campaigns running around me these days, be it the ads on TV and Radio or initiatives at work. I have consciously done a few things to abide by the advices given in these campaigns - 

Cut down on the number of print outs

While I was on a small time assignment in the US, I did not configure printer at all. This led me to request a friend of mine to take the printout of my return tickets for me! Recently, at work, they change the print server configuration and I have survived so far without configuring it. 

Switch off the car at signals

My inner self reminds me to switch off the car at the signals but I fail to do so many times when it is hot outside and the car AC is on and all the other vehicles which are not switched off, puff out smoke clouds into my car. 

Take public transport for commuting 

Recently the municipal body started monsoon preparations in my locality and they have blocked and dug one side of a very busy road near our house to complete a drainage construction work which is on for over an year now. Interestingly, during the recent elections, when people raised this issue with the campaigning politicians, the politician asked them to talk about the problems of the nation (and forget about these tiny winy problems which will take their own course to disappear). 

Anyways, the road block prompted me to think about taking public transport instead of driving to the office. This is a very recent initiative and I hope I manage to continue this for some time. Car pooling is another nice idea but I find it very difficult to match my work timings with those of others. I will have to learn it probably because taking public transport is not a very encouraging experience so far. We will see!

Taking stairs instead of Elevators

I do this sometime but not always. Laziness prevails mostly! But I seriously dislike those set of elevators which do not have a software to schedule them together. I have got such sets at my apartment. Most of the residents when they want to use the elevator, they will happily push the switches for both of them and wait for both to come to their floor while they are definitely going to use only one. Big time energy waste!

Hope this little post of mine encourages a few other folks to do better than me...

For now GO GREEN!


Dil se said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dil se said…
Good initiatives !! I think I am able to follow only one of it, reducing print outs.
ha ha.. good going green..
quite sarcastic though..
Anonymous said…
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