The other day I was talking to a friend of mine. Our office canteen has this great Biriyani counter. I told my friend that this guy has one of his outlets somewhere near RV Dental College in JP Nagar.

My friend said, you mean the one opposite to HDFC bank.

I said, no HDFC Bank should be opposite to this RV Dental College. (Actually, neither is correct, but that isn't the point of this post).

We laughed over this, but this reminded me of the way landmarks keep changing and its repercussions.

I sometimes take a bus to travel back home from my office. BMTC conductors are familiar with the way the bus stops were named earlier. But that was then, and there are several new landmarks in Bangalore now, including on the Bannerghatta road. There is this Bannerghatta road and Outer ring road junction and BMTC knows it as JD Mara junction. On the same junction, there's a Maruti showroom called Mandovi Motors. Similarly there is Jayadeva Flyover junction which was called BTM checkpost and there's this Shopper's Stop very close to that.

So I get onto this bus, take ticket for self and then there will be some new recruits boarding the bus with their workplace tags hanging around their necks. Some will say Shopper's Stop and some will say Mandovi Motors junction and I have seen the conductors staring back at them blank faced. There will be some more words exchanged but still the two parties remain at their own stratospheres. Then some learned gentleman will speak out loud - Checkpost... Checkpost... or JD Mara. That settles it and folks move ahead with their own businesses.


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