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Rajesh said…
I was looking for info on BSNL in Bangalore and came across your Blog. I'm currently working in the US and am trying to see if I can work from home in Bangalore for a couple of months. I was wondering if you know anybody who is using the Home 1000, 1800 or 3300 plans. Was also wondering if could please let me know your thoughts on:
1. How long it takes to get a connection
2. Can one really get the upload and download speeds advertised...what are the typical upload speeds
3. How reliable is the connection.

Would appreciate any feedback.

Manish said…
Hi Rajesh,

I use Home 1000 plan now, was using Home Unlimited till Jan.

1. BSNL has a long waiting list now for dataone connections. A friend of mine residing in Rajrajeshwari Nagar area was mentioning a waiting list of 900 there. It varies from place to place I believe so the number may change depending on which area you want to relocate to.

2. The upload/download speeds are generally advertised as upto 2Mbps. I have not seen 2Mbps till now but usually 1.5Mbps speed is there.

3. Connection is mostly there. I live in BTM area and I find it always on. There has not been any single problem from BSNL side till date.

There are various online broadband forums now, and it may help if you check the feedback of users in those forums as well.



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