Another father-son chat...

Last night it was raining in Bangalore, a little bit of thunder and lightening as well. And while this was on, me and my son were having a chat -

Son: Ye kya bol raha hai? (What is this noise?)
Me: Badal bol raha hai. (Its the clouds)
Son: Chal hum log chapat laga ke aate hain badal ko. (Lets go and slap the clouds)
Me: Vaha sky mein kaise jaoge? (How will you go up in the sky?)
Son: Superman ka towel pahan ke jayenge. (We will wear Superman's "towel"!)




Prasoon said…
He he..

The 'chapat' and the 'superman ka towel' amde me go rotflol..

One day, all these blogposts of yours will be among the greatest memories to cheris :) - he'd very happy then reading what he had said :-D
Manish said…
Yeah! That's exactly why I have these posts under the label "Kids".


augustya said…
hi mks

rotfl :)

simply awesome

also brings hoem the fact how powerful ads are

ashish makani

p.s. will write u a deatiled mail soon

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